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Everything the EU does is decided democratically

03 August, 2018

• I WONDER if Chris Graham has read the review of Yanis Varoufakis’ 2017 book, Adults in the Room, in the Financial Times in May last year, (Boris’s battle with ‘Europe’s Deep Establishment’, July 13).

It says: “In reality, his concerns about the duplicity of his foes and the criticisms of ill-preparedness are bound up in how poorly Athens understood the EU’s institutional processes… He clearly approaches EU meetings as akin to an academic seminar where all concede to the best argument, and doesn’t appreciate the normal decision-making processes and channels.

“He tries to cut deals with Schäuble, while the latter insists he acts via the EU’s institutions. And Varoufakis is too provocative and maladroit to build alliances.”

Greece has had a very hard time, there’s no doubt about that, but Greece has been helped by the EU and now things are beginning to improve. The Hellenic Foreign Ministry says that Greece is keen for the Western Balkan countries to join the EU.

Everything the EU does is published, and has a legal basis. Everything is decided democratically by national government ministers, and in most cases also by elected citizens.

An example of the independence of the EU from the US is in the European Commission’s “Inside TTIP”. It is about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It says: “But it can’t be a deal at any price.”

A delegation of the European Parliament has just been to Washington and New York to meet the US Treasury, the Institute of International Bankers and the Federal Reserve Board.

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