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Existing Morland Mews tenants will get ‘first dibs’ on new flats

19 July, 2019

• THE tenants’ and residents’ asso­ciation is right to praise the strong commun­ity spirit on Morland Mews, (Housing association has acted against residents’ wishes, July 12).

Many of our tenants have lived there since they moved in with young families 45 years ago. Half of the flats built for families on Morland Mews are now home to just one person.

We also know many older tenants are finding it much harder to manage the stairs to and inside their flats. They face an unwelcome move away from the neighbourhood they love unless we can offer an alternative.

Our plan is for just six new flats on an estate of 155 homes. All have been designed to generous space standards, 12-20 per cent over the standard adopted by the London mayor. All would have ground-floor access and be on a single storey.

The homes will be let at genuinely affordable rents and the council has agreed that existing tenants will get first dibs on the new flats. That will also free up genuinely affordable family homes, which Tribune readers will know are badly needed in Islington.

We would never consider a project that in any way compromised the safety of our tenants. Clever design means only minimal structural changes would be needed and we consider it highly unlikely anyone would have to move home while the works are done.

On a final point, only a few of the garages we plan to convert are now used for cars and we have guaranteed that all tenants who currently have a garage will have one in the future.

Most of the estate’s garages have until now been used as storage, with most used by ourselves or people not living on the estate.

We at BHA are proud of the good relationship we have with our tenants. We want to be sure we can provide homes that suit their needs now and in future. And we are deter­mined to do our (modest) bit as a high-quality, low-cost housing service for Islington.

Chief Executive, Barnsbury Housing Association


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