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Expensive bodge-ups fail to keep mice out

08 March, 2019

• I MOVED into my home on the Stafford Cripps estate in October 2016 and started to notice mice in my living room, kitchen and hallway.

I reported this to Islington Council. The tenant management organisation (TMO) tells me it’s the council’s responsibility and the council says it is the TMO’s. I am piggy-in-the-middle.

They both don’t want to pay for any repairs. I have to put up with cheap repairs, which are not doing the job of keeping mice out.

Both the TMO and the council will not admit there is a problem with holes in the brickwork, masonry or foundations. Mice are living between the walls of flats, entering through gaps around heating and water pipes.

The pest control department informed me that the mice were coming in through old piping connected to immersion heaters that have since been removed.

I wrote to the council and explained that my kitchen units needed to be removed to seal the gaps behind, but they insist on sending somebody to fill up the holes as best he can.

This is how the council wastes our money. Rather than doing a job properly, they just do a bodge-up because it’s cheaper.

Had the kitchen units and bath been removed to fill the holes properly and new units and the bath re-installed it would have been cheaper than four or five visits from various contractors.



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