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Extend the ban on evictions

03 September, 2020

• WE’RE very sorry to hear of the neighbours that are having to leave their home, due to the landlord not being willing to try and help them with their struggle to pay the rent, caused by recent unemployment, (My neighbour is being forced out by a heartless landlord, August 27).

Despite the National Residential Landlords Association claim that the pandemic “has resulted in a spirit of co-operation between landlords and tenants” in “most cases”, this is not what we and the other groups / organisations who work with renters are seeing at the grassroots level.

Sadly, the one thing that has not changed as a result of coronavirus, is the continuing desire of private landlords to make a profit out of one of the fundamentals of life – the roof over your head.

The government recently extended the eviction ban by a further four weeks to September 20, but we believe that unless they do something constructive with this time, the can is merely being kicked further down the road, before the inevitable wave of evictions begins.

In fact, the only thing that will stop this from becoming a tsunami is the crumbling state of the justice system, and its inability to process cases quickly enough.

We have repeatedly said that the eviction ban should remain in place until legislation has been introduced that removes “no fault evictions” by the use of Section 21 notices. Let’s see if the government is listening.

Camden Federation of Private Tenants
Malden Road, NW5


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