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Families see the wood… and the trees at ‘little oasis of nature’ in Barnsbury

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26 July, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

Families enjoying the fun day at Barnsbury Wood

Around 80 people took part in arts, crafts and nature exploration at a Family Woodland Fun event at Barnsbury Wood on Saturday. The majority that attended were local families who had never been there before and didn’t know it existed. The event was part of London National Park City Week, the Mayor of London’s bid to designate London a national park in 2019. Councillor
Janet Burgess, deputy leader of Islington Council, said: “Barnsbury Wood is one of Islington’s hidden gems and we were delighted to welcome residents to our smallest nature reserve for National Park City Week, especially as so many people were visiting for the first time. Barnsbury Wood truly is a little oasis of nature in the heart of our busy city.”
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Fox news: Karen’s on safety mission

Karen Heath with a young cub

They are cunning and courageous, they scavenge in your bins to survive and tip-toe into your back garden at night. But many foxes are killed by traffic and skin disease – and one animal-lover in Holloway is fighting to help. Karen Heath, who lives in Camden, holds meetings in Holloway once a month to show people how they can help save the lives of foxes. She started an animal rescue group, the Mama Cat Animal Rescue, which diversified to save foxes from the growing numbers affected by mange – a skin disease that can kill. She said: “Lots of foxes in London are affected by mange – which is a skin disease that makes them look scruffy but is actually deadly and can kill them within four months if left untreated. There were 20 people at the meeting last Monday despite the high temperatures.”
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Pause and effect: Keep calm with yoga

Savvas Panas, founder of the Pilion Trust

MoreYoga hosted community classes at the Ringcross Community Centre, Holloway, in celebration of the new MoreYoga studio that opened in Caledonian Road last Saturday. The special one-off yoga sessions at Ringcross were available for all to attend on a donation basis, with guests asked to give only what they can afford, with £45 going towards the Pilion Trust based at the Ringcross which works with homeless young people. Savvas Panas, founder of the Pilion Trust, who hold their own yoga classes for its service users, said: “Our whole essence and being starts with the breath. If we could control it and slow it down, it could give us three more beats within that second to choose a different reality. If threatened, we can pause, and respond with control more rationally. You see somebody one day being aggressive, not watching their Ps and Qs, then they do two sessions with Charlotte, our teacher at the Trust, and they become calmer and more able to rationalise and apologise. It’s been an eye-opener.”

The next pay by donation session at the Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Road, N7 8RH will be held on Tuesday, July 31.

MoreYoga has opened a studio at 474 Caledonian Road, N7 8TB.

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