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Fare dodging is endemic on London’s buses

17 March, 2017

• HAVING witnessed for the umpteenth time a passenger being allowed to travel for free on a London bus I feel it’s time that this racket was exposed.

Again, the “form” is typical.

A passenger boards a bus and immediately blurts a sob story, lost travel card, “I’ve been attacked” etc.

You name it!

Of course, it could be true but it’s odd how bus drivers are constantly taken in by these stories.

Do bus firms have a compassionate policy on this, to allow some passengers to get home as they might become vulnerable?

Cadging a free ride has become endemic in London and this constant fare-dodging demonstrates that many drivers are either too willing to accept the dubious claims and tales of woe or they are too scared about their own safety to alert the police.

Or is it that it’s just too much hassle?



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