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Farewell gig for barmaid found dead in Finsbury Park

Bands play for free on emotional night as pals attend show in memory of 22-year-old ‘Julie’

09 March, 2018 — By Tom Foot

World’s End barmaid Luliana ‘Julie’ Tudos was found dead in Finsbury Park on Boxing Day

EMOTIONS ran high in Camden Town’s legendary Underworld club on Sunday night as friends paid tribute to Luliana “Julie” Tudos the best way they knew how.

The 22-year-old World’s End barmaid was found dead in Finsbury Park on Boxing Day in a tragedy that has brought out a strong show of unity from Camden Town’s underground hardcore punk scene.

The memorial event featured a line-up she would have loved with top bands waiving fees on the night.

A special sign outside the Underworld venue

Tattooist Shane Kealy, a friend who designed T-shirts in her memory that sold on the night, said: “It was sad, you know, but it was really a lot of fun and a great turnout. She would have loved it. People were flying off the stage crowd-surfing into the pit.

“Generally you’d end up back on the stage and they get more adventurous – people were flipping and kicking off the monitor to get higher. But that’s the thing about the hardcore scene, there’s always something there to catch you.”

He added: “I was black and blue afterwards. I’ve still got bruises on my face and sides of my legs.”

After the show, friends went back stage and recorded a message for Ms Tudos’s parents which was taken out to her family in Cyprus this week. Originally from Russia, Julie’s family had moved to Cyprus.

The Underworld memorial show. Shane Kealy is pictured, above, wearing a bandana

Mr Kealy said: “It was supposed to be something short but it turned out to be an emotional 10 to 15-minute speech to camera from us all about what she meant to us.

“We wanted to show to them what her life was like in Camden Town, what her experience was like. It was extremely heavy.

“It’s been crazy hard, man. I saw Agnostic Front with her at the Underworld. I remember she just sat by the cloakroom, watching it all.”

Ms Tudos was last seen wearing an Agnostic Front hoodie leaving Camden Town on Christmas Eve.

A flyer for the show

Mr Kealy was contacted by the Underworld to make the T-shirts after he spoke about Julie’s death in the Tribune’s sister paper the Camden New Journal in January.

The night saw Knuckledust headline with acts by Idle Hands, Pints Who Cares and Last Orders all perform Agnostic Front covers and speak about Julie from the stage.

Martine Alkiviadiou, who organised the night on behalf of Underworld, said: “I’ve been putting on shows since I was 14 and this goes to show is that the hardcore punk community does look out for each other. Benefit shows are not a rare thing, sadly.”

Jake Marlow, the drummer for Idle Hands and Last Orders who works for the Underworld, was one of the main organisers of the night.

He described Julie as “such a bubbly person”, adding: “If she saw you were upset or pissed off she would always make sure you were all right.

“We’d hang out, have a drink in the Dev, or the Dublin or the Black Heart. It was a crazy night, but people had a good jump around.”

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