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Find a way to open the path up the hill

01 April, 2021

• THE view from Dartmouth Park Reservoir is one of Islington’s best-kept secrets, so it’s sad to see that the path up the hill has been blocked at the bottom with padlocked barriers for most of Covid-19 lockdown.

While many people are able to clamber past it the barrier is simply preventing the less physically able, and those with buggies, from enjoying the view from the top.

The gate from Poynings Road is also locked, preventing people using this off-road route to reach Bickerton Road, a great shame when Islington is encouraging us to walk more by creating people-friendly streets.

Apparently the path is closed because it’s unsafe. And we all know that Islington doesn’t have any spare the money to repair it. Is there any imaginative (and cheap) solution to open the path again?

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