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Finsbury Park attack: Fight for citizens’ rights

30 June, 2017

Attack in Finsbury Park

• WE are indebted to the Tribune for its coverage of the atrocity at Finsbury Park Mosque because details were given which were omitted from main media outlets.

The Forum article by Fatima Said (Attack was result of hate-filled climate, June 23)  additionally gave an overview of the feelings in her community.

However, I profoundly disagree with her statement that “as a British Muslim I have a right to feel safe on the street I call home”. She has no such right as a British Muslim any more than I can claim such a right as a British secularist.

But we both enjoy a right to feel secure as British citizens. That legacy of rights did not come cheaply; it was hard fought, sometimes in blood and death, on the fields of this country.

Let us remember that as legatees of these legitimate rights we have a duty to appreciate they carry responsibilities as British citizens here and elsewhere.

Holloway Road, N7


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