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Finsbury Park festival sounds like WWI battlefront

26 October, 2018

Wireless festival in Finsbury Park

• IT was with something approaching horror that I read the detailed comments on the Wireless “event” referred to as a festival even by its critics, (‘You feel like you’re living in a war zone during Wireless festival’, October 19).

Loud noise now passes off as music in almost all respectable offices. Perhaps councillors are afraid of describing it as the noisy rubbish that it is for fear of offending some religious groups and other cultural minorities.

In Guantanamo Bay, the officials who ran this outrageous penal settlement used, at times, to submit their legally ‘unguilty’ guests with white noise.

Expensive electronic equipment is regarded as normal now for Finsbury Park, Glastonbury and other areas hosting “rock concerts” on otherwise innocent agri-business fields.

The photograph with the article would have been appropriate for a Nuremberg rally, all patriotic hands raised in fervent thanks for the great false saviour of modern times – noise.

Perhaps the demonic collective unconscious seeks noise instead of harmony or melody. Perhaps, too, it helps to commemorate the 1914-18 war.

The intolerable booming basses mimic the cannonade of an offensive onslaught and the drums’ insistent beat does service for the rattle of machine guns.

A retired vicar told me that when he was doing a written preparation for a sermon he would sometimes come across a point which was dodgy. He would write in the margin: “Weak point, speak loudly.”

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