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Fly-posting drive hits club night promoters

‘Nightlife is suffering, they should be encouraging us’

26 October, 2018 — By Emily Finch

‘Cancelled’ sticker on music poster

CLUB night promoters have clashed with the Town Hall after Islington began slapping “cancelled” stickers on music posters.

The new council strategy against illegally-sited posters makes it look to the average passer-by as if the advertised events will no longer take place.

But on closer inspection the stickers say: “This poster has been cancelled by Islington Council” and “Unauthorised under S.225 Town and Country Planning Act 1990”.

A garage music night promoter, who did not wish to be named, labelled the Town Hall a “joke” after posters for a forthcoming event were covered with the neon yellow stickers.

“I’m not really sure why they are doing this when nightlife is already suffering in London,” the promoter said. “Every day you hear about a new club closing down because of high costs and taxes. They should be encouraging us. We’re part of culture.”

The promoter said club nights already faced huge hurdles when it came to gaining licences from councils. “It’s not easy to run nights in London. We just want people to have fun,” the promoter added.

The council clashed with techno and house music lovers two years ago when the licence for Fabric nightclub in Clerkenwell was revoked following the deaths of two club-goers.

The Town Hall later reinstated the licence, but with strict conditions which banned under-19s from entry.

Resident Helen Osborne, from Finsbury Park, questioned why the council were focusing on the posters when so many people were struggling to access services because of continuing cuts.

She added: “It’s really bizarre when I’m literally having to carry my dog over puddles of broken glass and wrestle him away from chicken bones. These posters don’t seem like a priority to me.”

But the Town Hall hit back this week, saying that the posters were illegal and that the stickers acted as a deterrent.

Islington environment chief Claudia Webbe said: “Illegal fly-posting is a problem for many councils and is a blight on our borough.

“It costs thousands of pounds each year to clear up, at a time of huge ongoing government cuts to council budgets.”

She added: “We’re hitting back by highlighting the posters are illegal, with stickers which basically make the posters meaningless.

“If fly-poster companies waste our money and time, we will waste theirs – and we’ll carry on until they get the message.”


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