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Forget the ‘us and them’ rhetoric of Brexit

08 November, 2019

• THE upcoming general election is happening at a turbulent time. Brexit has become a pox on Westminster and it’s unclear that this election will resolve the current situation.

Meanwhile our public debate has become degraded and distorted. Our shared sense of truth and what’s real has been knocked off balance by a tidal wave of dishonesty.

At this crucial time we need our leaders to be at their most principled, far-sighted and courageous.

Yet too many of our elected representatives are looking to the past and manoeuvring for their own short-term benefit. Afraid to feed us bitter truths, they spoon up sweet, comforting lies.

There is no way to “get Brexit done” that doesn’t involve many years of further negotiations, job losses and public spending directed away from vital services like the NHS.

While parliament argues about this manufactured crisis, they’re failing to respond to the human and ecological catastrophe that is happening around us.

The past year has seen a huge increase in public concern about the climate and awareness of the sixth mass extinction which is happening now.

Between them, the school strikers and Extinction Rebellion have brought record-breaking numbers of new activists into the streets to protest against government inaction around the world.

It may seem like these two issues are unrelated, but they’re not. While the nationalistic “us and them” rhetoric of Brexit seeks to divide people, the lesson of the climate crisis is that we’re not separate but bound together within the Earth’s complex ecosystem.

Our actions contribute to fires in Brazil and California, our pollution reaches the remotest islands and the deepest parts of the sea. Acting together, people are very powerful indeed.

The unprecedented challenges of the coming century demand that we harness our collective power to create positive change.

We must embrace our neighbours – in Europe and beyond – and work together to safeguard the future of our only home.

In this election, I’m proud to stand for the Green Party – part of a global Green movement – to defend freedom of movement, push for a final-say referendum, and demand urgent action on climate.

Green Party, Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South & Finsbury


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