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Former council chief escapes being flattened by falling masonry in Highbury

23 August, 2019

Terry Stacey

THE former leader of the council was almost flattened by a falling window sill that landed an “arm’s length” away from him.

Terry Stacey was walking along Highbury Park on Tuesday morning when several large chunks of masonry fell from a nearby house and hit the ground in front of him.

Mr Stacey, who led the Town Hall in the previous Liberal Democrat administration, said: “I was walking along the pavement when these big chunks of masonry came crashing down in front of me.

Chunks of masonry that crashed down near Terry Stacey

“It was only a couple of yards away, about an arm’s length. I am just thankful that it is not term time because the building concerned is right by a zebra crossing where students often cross to go to St John’s Highbury Vale.”

Mr Stacey reported the incident to the council via Twitter.

The council sent down workers to survey the scene and clear the rubble.

Highbury East ward councillor Cllr Caroline Russell added that it “could have killed or very seriously injured someone”.

A council spokesman said: “We are contacting the owner and will take any appropriate action as necessary. Barriers have been placed in the section below the area as a make-safe measure. They will remain in place until a structural engineer confirms that they are not needed.”

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