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Four-year-old Tufnell Park girl donates 13 inches of her hair to charity

Praise for youngster inspired to help kids in need

14 September, 2018 — By Siva Thangarajah

Laura-Jean holding the hair to be donated to charity

A SELFLESS four-year-old schoolgirl had 13 inches of her long blonde hair chopped off for charity.

Laura-Jean Hand, known as “Lully” to her friends and family, was inspired to donate her locks after watching other girls online having their hair cut off.

The Tufnell Park youngster stood with a beaming smile last week, knowing her hair will go to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs from real hair for children with cancer or other illnesses.

Her mother, Andrea Angel, 40, said initially she just wanted to make her daughter’s hair easier to manage.

But she added: “We watched videos of other little girls getting their hair cut for the Little Princess Trust and she got really excited about it: she wanted to give her hair to someone who has lost theirs.”

Before the haircut

Lully, who has recently finished Westbourne Early Years in Bride Street, Highbury, to move on to primary school, said she liked her new look, and was excited her old hair will be made into a wig.

“She kept saying she wanted to look like Snow White, with a bob,” said Ms Angel.

Family friend Lorna Blackender, 33, went along for support last Thursday.

She said: “It’s such a lovely thing she’s doing, and a lot of kids can be selfish, but it’s great that she’s thinking of others.

“It’s sweet that she’s excited to be giving someone her hair who really needs it.”

The family are hoping to raise £350 for The Little Princess Trust.

To donate to Lully, visit

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