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Fox finds a friend in newsreader Zeb

04 August, 2017 — By Aleesha Hansel

Gaspard at home with BBC4’s Zeb Soanes

AN injured fox that was taken in by a Canonbury resident is set to become the star of a series of children’s books.

Gaspard the fox, who has been named “’the handsomest fox in London” found her way to the home of BBC Radio 4 newsreader Zeb Soanes who fed her until she recovered from an injured leg.

The two formed a bond, and Gaspard became a regular visitor, appearing at the sound of Mr Soanes’ Brompton bicycle and even bringing her cubs to visit him.

Inspired by the story of Gaspard, Mr Soanes and illustrator James Mayhew, will release the first of three books in May 2018, with the hopes that it “will help children better understand foxes and their fascinating lives”.

Gaspard, who is now a bit of a social media star having almost 4,000 followers on Twitter, is known for her love of cave-aged parmesan cheese.


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