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Foxes are one thing, but what about the bird nuisance?

06 October, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler

• I READ with interest your reader’s letter concerning the nuisance of foxes (Crowd-funding might be the way to fight nuisance foxes, September 21).

Is he aware of the nuisance of birds? They wake us up in the early hours, they defecate on our cars and the clean washing of those unfortunate enough to have to use a washing line.

They rummage in our gardens for nesting material and for worms in our lawns (which is solvable by laying artificial grass, over a concrete base). Dogs in the neighbourhood bark and scratch at doors as the cats creep up on these nuisance birds.

I just do not know where or whom to go to resolve this nuisance. Some say it’s nature or suggest I leave the planet.

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