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Funding to women’s therapy centre stays unchanged

29 March, 2019

• ISLINGTON Council and Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are committed to supporting counselling and psychological therapy services in the borough.

Your article (Cash crisis forces closure of renowned women’s therapy centre, March 15) referred to the council and Islington CCG’s funding of the centre.

We want to make it clear that our funding to local counselling services, of which the centre is a part, will continue and the level of funding remains unchanged.

We understand, and the article noted, that sadly the centre was hit by a number of funding problems from other grant-making bodies.

We are committed to ensuring women affected by violence, trafficking and other gender violence can access therapy services and get help.

Despite the challenging financial environment, we deliver services to a breadth of women in the community, including black, Asian, disabled and refugee women among others. This takes place through our multiple voluntary sector providers and NHS services.

More than 6,000 residents accessed counselling and psychological therapies in Islington last year and this number continues to grow every year.

We are in discussions with leading providers to streamline our processes even more, so that women receive timely and high-quality care. Services like these are an invaluable provision for women and men who are in need.

We welcome conversations in the future about how we can support providers with issues they may be facing.

Executive member for health and social care,
Islington Council

Director of commissioning and integration, Islington Clinical Commissioning Group


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