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Gender agenda! School’s role play

06 March, 2020 — By Sam Ferguson

Stroud Green Primary’s young feminists, from left: Tess Sudea, Rhoswen Keeping, Olivia Ghela, Lavenia Awat, Jannat Lahmira, Iris Harwood, Samira Rial Sanchez, Eve Davies, Geri Lu and Amia Turpin-Dickson

YOUNG feminists from Stroud Green Primary School will mark International Women’s Day with a special role-play performance on the importance of inclusivity and acceptance.

The school’s Feminist Club, usually made up of girls and boys, meets once a week to discuss issues such as gender stereotyping and intersectionality.

On Monday, they will take to the stage to perform their role-play piece, which is centred on groups of girls who want to play football, and groups of boys who want to learn ballet – themes they say often play out in the playground.

Rhoswen Keeping, eight, told the Tribune they set up the club because they were treated differently on the playground.

“I was embarrassed to play football, but now I’m going to try and play more, because I’ve learned that we shouldn’t be treated differently.”

Jannat Lahmira, nine, added: “There’s no such thing as ‘boys can only play football’, and ‘girls can only do ballet’. Just because we’re girls, it doesn’t mean that boys shouldn’t treat us the way they would want to be treated.”

The club is planning on writing letters to local shops that separate boys’ and girls’ goods, and asking them to join them into one section.

Nine-year-old Tess Sudea explained: “We’re going to try and make them just have one section for girls and boys. I’ve got a science kit that I had to get from a boys’ section. The girls’ section was full of things that I just didn’t want, which isn’t fair.”

Eight-year-old club member Geri Lu added: “The big thing is that there are lots of people from different year groups in the club, who you can make friends with and talk about feminism, which is very important.”

Headteacher Lucy Walker-Collins said the feminist club was the best part of her week.

“The children are just incredible,” she added.


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