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Generations united by a shared social conscience

01 March, 2019

Nathalie Sowden, centre, at the climate change march

• AT our Islington Pensioners Forum meeting last week we unanimously welcomed the magnificent stand of the 15,000 children and teenagers who took time out of school on February 15 to demonstrate their concerns about climate change.

We congratulate the parents and teachers who supported them. If governments and corporations globally do not take urgent action our children, grandchildren and future generations face a grim and dangerous future.

It was therefore very encouraging to read the article by Nathalie Sowden, who took part in the London demonstration (We have to march because we care about this planet, February 22).

She says that “[she would] not be able to look her children in the eyes if [she] sat back and did nothing” and that she feels she is “part of an amazing new generation that is ready to take on the burden of overcoming the challenges passed down to [them]”.

Action based on that social conscience can build a formidable force for change and we older generations in Islington Pensioners Forum are ready to act in solidarity. We are old, but we are young in heart and have an ongoing campaign to unite the generations.

Chair, Islington Pensioners Forum


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