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Geography matters in our relationship with the mainland of Europe

04 April, 2019

• DAVID Cheeseman is deluding himself if he thinks that parliament can “implement” Brexit and “move on”, (A second referendum would lead to a year of uncertainty and demise, March 28).

Our geography condemns us to sharing our trade, finance, fisheries and agriculture with the European mainland. That geography was not changed by the referendum of 2016.

The only question is whether we participate in Europe as “outsiders” constrained by the decisions of the EU, over which we have no influence, or as members with a vote that will allow us to influence the decisions of the EU.

We went into the EEC in 1973 so that we could be routinely consulted on decisions. Brexit cannot end precisely because trade, finance, fisheries and agriculture do not stand still and their markets require continuous management.

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