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George Durack will always be fondly remembered

14 September, 2018

• IT was most touching to read the tributes paid to George Durack in the Islington Tribune since his passing, (Pensioners’ leader George Durack, a fighter against injustice to the end, September 7).

I had the honour of interviewing Mr Durack last year for a book project in progress featuring interviews with Normandy veterans, in which I ask for their memories of partaking in the battle to liberate western Europe from Nazism in 1944-45; and also their thoughts on more recent British endeavours in Afghanistan and Iraq, with regards to the nature of what constitutes a “just war”.

Mr Durack was very kind to offer me his time and hospitality. He spoke with dignified humility about his part in history, including his life and times in the trade union and labour movement, offering astute observations mixed with occasional stoical humour.

I look forward to sharing this record of a wonderful Islington resident soon. He will always be fondly remembered.



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