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Government has let the hospitality industry down

26 June, 2020

Hospitality industry ‘unfairly penalised in comparison with other retail units’ during Covid pandemic 

• I THINK I speak for all in the hospitality industry, as the lack of information forthcoming from the government regarding reopening has been very frustrating.

We have been given no direct instructions on the procedures we must have in place to satisfy regulations in order to be able to commence trading. All we get is contradictory rumours on requirements for our successful reopening.

As an independent sports bar, we do not have the luxury of a bottomless pit of finances as do bars operating within a pub chain.

If we receive instructions on requirements with little notice, we will be at the mercy of suppliers, who will no doubt increase their prices on goods deemed essential to facilitate us opening our doors to customers again.

Our staff are forever asking us questions and we are unable to provide answers. The hospitality industry seems to have been unfairly penalised in comparison with other retail units.

Islington Sports Bar & Grill
Holloway Road, N7


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