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Green space is a crucial question with the Dixon Clark Court scheme

10 July, 2020

Dixon Clark Court

• AS a footnote to the correspondence about Islington Council’s “filling in” plans round Dixon Clark Court, by Highbury Corner, it may be asked whether either residents or councillors were correctly informed about the impact on green space when they approved them.

The residents were told by the council in a consultation document in 2016 that, “Our plans actually mean that we will increase the amount of green space on the estate” (despite increasing the built footprint by 1,250 square metres) and the report to the planning committee on March 19 2018 indeed includes a table showing that the amount of “garden amenity space” would increase by 415 square metres.

But the text nearby says that “it is proposed to… reprovide the almost same amount (2sq m less) of usable green amenity space as existing”.

This implies some confusion, but by my own measurement of the green space shown on the comparative “before and after” plans accompanying the table there will in fact be a reduction of 764 square metres in “green amenity space”.

My queries to the council on this point have not been answered but if I am correct, and since this issue is so critical to the justification for the whole project, I find it hard to imagine that the council can proceed with the project until residents and councillors have had a chance to express their opinion – again based on verified figures.

James Dunnett Architects, N1


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