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Green street! Holloway parking spaces become gardens

26 July, 2019 — By Emily Finch

Helena Farstad, left, and Lynne Friedli

A GROUP of green-fingered residents cut through red tape to create a mini garden in front of their homes.

Do-it-yourselves neighbours living in Mayton Street, Holloway, created a plant container filled with wild pansies, foxgloves and herbs to sit in a parking space outside their homes earlier this month.

“Not many of us own a car and we wanted to use the parking space for something beautiful,” said Helena Farstad, an eco-activist with Extinction Rebellion, who is one of the people behind the project.

Decibel Mbatika

The Town Hall had initially rejected the group’s request to rent a parking space for their miniature gardens.

“I thought, ‘I’ve had enough. Let’s just do it anyway,’” said Ms Farstad.

The residents made the plant container from discarded pallets. The container – which can cost up to £300 in the shops – only set them back £50.

“We didn’t actually have permission for it but our local councillor, Gary Heather, said it was lovely and we got his endorsement,” she said.

Neighbours Decibel Mbatika and Lynne Friedli, who forage together for wild herbs and vegetables in the borough’s parks, helped pick out the plants that are now in the container.

“It’s very beautiful. I’ve already had five requests to create more for the rest of the road,” said Ms Friedli.

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