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Grenfell inquiry wrongly blames firefighters

08 November, 2019

Grenfell Tower

• THE Fire Brigades Union issued the following statement on the Grenfell Tower Inquiry phase one report.

London region FBU is very clear that criticism of individual rank and file firefighters and control staff is not justified.

London firefighters were put in an impossible situation at Grenfell, without the necessary training and guidance to tackle a fire of that scale and nature.

They did everything they could, including risking their own lives, to save others. The report details systematic failings across London Fire Brigade, but these must not be seen in isolation.

The inquiry’s findings must be a turning point for fire safety across the UK – central government must take overall leadership to ensure that fire and rescue services are prepared for similar fires.

Firefighters did not wrap the building in flammable cladding and should not be scapegoats for the real culprits of the fire.

London FBU continue to stand with the local community which we serve, and the bereaved, survivors, and residents, in their search for justice.

FBU London Region


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