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Grieving great-grandad is victim of car theft

85-year-old who lost his partner to cancer just weeks earlier, is left without ‘lifeline’ vehicle

05 June, 2020 — By Calum Fraser

Ron Davis: ‘I walk with a walking stick so I had relied on that car to go out and do my shopping and see the outside world’

AN 85-year-old great-grandfather was left devastated after his car, which he said was his lifeline to the outside world, was stolen weeks after his partner died of cancer.

Ron Davis, of Roseleigh Avenue in Highbury, told the Tribune that he didn’t understand why someone had decided to steal his “old banger”, a white Hyundai Coupe last week.

The great-grandfather-of-nine said: “I walk with a walking stick so I had relied on that car to go out and do my shopping and see the outside world. Now some low life has stolen it.

“I don’t understand it. Everybody knows me around here so it can’t have been any of them.”

Mr Davis had used the car, which he bought about 10 years ago, to drive his partner Pat to and from the hospital as they tried to treat the cancer she first developed three years ago.

Mr Davis’s partner Pat – the couple had been in a relationship for 38 years

He had used his blue badge parking pass so that he could get close to the entrance of University College Hospital London for Pat’s treatment, but then three months ago he stepped out of his house to find that the driver’s window had been smashed and the blue badge was stolen.

“I was angry at myself for leaving it in the car overnight,” Mr Davis said. “But at least I still had Pat then.”

Pat, 73, who had 18 great-grandchildren of her own and had been in a relationship with Mr Davis for 38 years, died on April 10 in hospital.

Mr Davis said: “Pat was beautiful. She was a nanny and she had a wonderful way with children. She helped build the Barnsbury Adventure Playground, she was one of the people who wanted that to be built for the children of Barnsbury.

“She was such a caring person. She was so lovely.”

He added: “I miss her. I went in three days before she died. She was not responding but then I started singing When I Fall in Love, the Nat King Cole song, and she couldn’t see me, her eyes were staring at the ceiling, wide open, and her mouth was wide open, but the tears were coming down her cheeks as I was singing. I know she heard me and that stays with me.”

Mr Davis’s car was stolen on the night of May 27 or morning of May 28, roughly six weeks after Pat died. He has reported it to the police.


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