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Hands off Jeremy! Pensioners protest at ‘media abuse’

19 May, 2017

MEMBERS of Islington Pensioners Forum, above, posed with a banner outside the Town Hall yesterday (Thursday) to call on the media to stop the “abuse” of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Group chairman George Durack, a Labour Party member, said it was “shameful” that the Islington North MP, who is the forum’s president, has been “unceasingly and cynically abused by much of the media”.

“Forum members are angry,” Mr Durack said. “Jeremy is our president. He is a friend and supporter. The forum is non-party political, but we respect Jeremy’s stand for the things he believes in, and we applaud his refusal to put on presidential airs and graces or succumb to cheap gossip and smear tactics.

“They [the media] repeat statements made by MPs and former leaders of his party who opposed him in the leadership elections and then put loaded questions to people in the street who, under their influence, repeat these statements.”


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