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Hands off our surgeries

11 March, 2021

Illustration by John Sadler

• C SHAW is absolutely right to be appalled at the underhand takeover of GP surgeries, (Fight the takeover of GP surgeries, February 25).

This has also happened in Islington. Indeed American private health insurers, Centene, have now taken over 49 surgeries in 19 London boroughs, affecting over 370,000 patients.

We have launched a campaign to GET PRIVATE PROFIT OUT OF OUR GP SURGERIES and are holding our first public meeting on Tuesday March 16 from 4pm to 5.30pm.

Our speakers include islington MP, Jeremy Corbyn, GP activist Louise Irvine, Islington health and social care councillor Nurullah Turan and Camden councillor Roger Robinson.

We are also hoping to have discussion from the floor that will guide future action that we can take, such as organising a cavalcade, letter-writing, working with local political parties and trade unions, etc.

Everyone is welcome to come along, listen, and have your say.

Hands off our GP surgeries!

Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 872 5417 9080
Passcode: 446892

Chair, Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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