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Happy New Year! The Tribune is still your paper & your voice

Nobody is immune from the pressure of this pandemic – our own industry included

08 January, 2021

HAPPY New Year to all our readers!

The Tribune returns after its one-week Christmas break today (Friday) and is straight into the thick of reporting how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting life here in Islington. It’s been said so often, but these really are tough times for all of us.

Nobody is immune from the pressure of this crisis, our own industry included. Local titles up and down the country have closed and some have asked for reader donations to keep them afloat. More are likely to shut in 2021, a blow to the workings of local democracy which relies on a challenging press.

There is no true certainty over what will happen next, but at the Tribune – an independent newspaper which seeks only to cover the costs of good journalism rather than to make profits for faraway shareholdes – we remain as resolved as ever to the pledge we made at the start of the Covid outbreak last year.

As the best-read local newspaper in the borough we take our responsibility in charting this crisis seriously.

We will report the facts without exaggeration or sensationalism, telling the stories of people living here with calmness and sensitivy. We will also be a signpost to clear information for support and services that are available.

And we pledge to challenge those in power who are making key decisions affecting the course of the coronavirus and its impact on our lives.

We will do so without fear or favour. We will give a voice to those who often feel unheard or powerless, making sure it is not only those with the loudest voices and sharpest elbows who set the agenda.

These are important tasks which we do not take lightly, and we must thank Tribune readers for their warm encouragenent and their constructive criticism: for the story ideas, the letters each week and, yes, the sustaining adverts they buy. This is the recipe that led to the Tribune being named the UK’s best free newspaper last year.

Ultimately, it is your paper and your voice.


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