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Have we ever had so much disruption on Islington roads?

30 June, 2017

• I CANNOT recall a time when the borough has been required to endure so much traffic disruption from simultaneous work by major transport and utility companies.

I am not suggesting the work is other than essential but the endless bridge work at Highbury and Islington Station continues to create traffic chaos.

The renewal of water mains in Upper Street has caused Essex Road to be made one-way at Islington Green, forcing what appears to be every bus in London down Upper Street. And to make matters worse, Highbury Grove is now subject to traffic controls while gas pipes are replaced.

One would expect that, in order to complete the work in the shortest possible time, it would be undertaken throughout the weekend and, with light evenings, at least until 8pm, but as far as I can see this is not the case and over these periods the sites remain idle.

Transport for London and the water and gas utilities should get their act together and give more consideration to the massive disruption and inconvenience they are causing by their dilatory approach to the completion of these works.



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