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Highbury Corner: Could all those planners and artists please come down from their ivory towers

29 June, 2018

• NOW that Transport for London and Islington Council have made up their minds and gone for the populist vote by closing the west side of Highbury Corner, once all the “improvements” have taken place, could all those planners and artists who drew all those pretty pictures of an almost-traffic-free area 10 or more years ago please come down from their ivory towers and spend a few rush-hours sitting in the arboretum breathing in all the increased traffic fumes that their misguided dreams have condemned us locals to suffer, (Highbury Corner improvement to take at least a year, June 22)?

While they are there, they can also watch all the southbound cyclists ignore the cycle lanes and take a short cut across the pedestrianised way rather than waste time by going all the way round this fiasco of a traffic management scheme.

Is the pedestrian crossing going to be moved back to the original site outside the station, or will they expect people to walk all those extra yards down the road?



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