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Highbury Corner pollution will be enormous

01 June, 2018

• I TOTALLY agree with the views of local societies about Transport for London’s plans for Highbury Corner, (Think again on Highbury Corner, May 18).

I am adding a further point about pollution. In 2016, TfL held open sessions with detailed plans for Highbury Corner. I asked a TfL staff member how long vehicles would be waiting to go through. The answer was a minimum of one minute and possibly three minutes at peak times.

I asked if buses, particularly, would turn off their engines; of course not. The pollution will be enormous and we have enough of that around Highbury Corner already.

Given that the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has strongly argued for dealing with pollution in London, it is strange that TfL has produced a plan which will increase pollution, particularly with the large number of schoolchildren close by.

We certainly need a pause and consideration of the TfL plans.

Highbury Crescent, N5


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