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Highbury Corner road layout changes ahead, expect delays and pollution

04 May, 2018

An artist’s impression of how the revamped Highbury Corner will look when finished

• FURTHER to Jonathan Bowers’s interesting letter on plans for Highbury Corner, I wonder how many people realise that calculations made for Transport for London suggest that almost everyone who uses the Corner – including many cyclists and even more pedestrians – will face a slower journey to and from work as a result of the planned changes to the road layout, (Highbury Corner: will traffic be worse after these years of misery, April 27).

Pedestrians, for whom the crossing is already a nightmare at rush hour, will find things even worse. TfL’s own calculations forecast that “The junction of St Paul’s Road and Corsica Street would see an increase in the maximum wait time of 34 seconds in the morning peak and 63 seconds in the evening peak.

“Crossing Highbury Corner at Canonbury Road, there would be an increase of the maximum wait time of up to 86 seconds and an increase of 50 seconds at the junction with Upper Street in both the morning and evening peaks.”

These delays may not sound long, but given the huge numbers walking to and from the station at key times, the cumulative impact will be significant.

For drivers – whether of buses, Ocado vans, ambulances, cabs or cars – TfL’s estimates suggest increases in journey times of between one and three minutes. Again, that may sound small, but this is one of the busiest junctions in London, and the upshot will be longer jams.

The extra stops and starts will mean more pollution. More cut-throughs, too, polluting residential roads now used mainly by pedestrians and cyclists. Is this really a good use of public money?



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