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Highbury Corner: Warning signs from Archway gyratory changes

06 July, 2018

Archway road signs banning right turns have led to ‘rat-running through residential roads’

• ROGER Mears is right to be concerned about the plan for Highbury Corner if Archway gyratory is anything to go by, (Highbury Corner plan disastrous, June 8).

In Archway, residents consistently and vociferously opposed losing the right turn from St John’s Way at Archway gyratory onto the A1 Archway Road northbound.

Residents showed their powerful voices in opposition at consultation meetings, through councillors and by writing to the Tribune. It was to no avail and Transport for London did not listen.

The result we have is rat-running through Whitehall Park, Hornsey Lane, Stanhope Road and onto Shepherds Hill to turn right onto Archway Road northbound.

To take just one example, more than 3,000 visitors go to Kenwood House concerts on Hampstead Heath each weekend. Many will approach Archway gyratory from St John’s Way.

TfL signs indicate that if you enter Archway gyratory you will be heading back to Camden and Kentish Town. So drivers turn right into our residential roads.

The route used by the 210 bus to Kenwood is not shown and even Google Maps tells drivers to rat-run through tree-lined, residential roads that should be quiet and peaceful.

Instead, we have noise, pollution and destruction of our trees. This plan is having a devastating impact on our neighbourhood.

Shepherds Hill, N6


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