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Highbury Corner: why haven’t cyclists protested?

11 May, 2018

Highbury Corner

• I BELIEVE serious issues have yet to be addressed about Highbury Corner. They centre around the plan published by Transport for London showing that there will be four sets of traffic lights between Upper Street and Hollo­way Road.

It seems clear that it will not be possible for the lights to be phased to allow a smooth flow around the Corner, which is likely to be the reason why TfL anticipates the delays in circumnavigating the Corner described by Frances McRae, (Road layout changes ahead, expect delays and pollution, May 4).

The principal problems appear to be:

• I do not believe it will be possible to prevent cyclists travelling north from Upper Street to Holloway Road cutting through the pedestrian-only western arm, with a consequent effect on the safety of pedestrians.

• Cyclists travelling in the opposite direction, from Holloway Road to Upper Street, will have to take a very circuitous route around the outside, which will involve some very awkward near-right angle turns at each of the crossings of main roads.

• The traffic lights at the junction with St Paul’s Road will almost certainly require three separate phases to allow traffic, including cyclists, who will have to leave the segregated lanes, to cross in each of the three directions.

The need for three phases is only solved at the junction with Canonbury Road by prohibiting right turns from the south side of the arboretum into Canonbury Road and the corresponding left turns from Canonbury Road.

• There is no clear route for cyclists to take across the junction from St Paul’s Road to Hollo­way Road. Even vehicles are likely to be confused – there are large areas of road surface with no visible markings except cycle lanes crossing them diagonally.

• I do not believe the proposals will make matters safer for cyclists – there are too many points of potential conflict – and am surprised that cycling groups have not protested. There is no point in having segregated cycle lanes if they turn out to be unsafe or un-navigable.

• Julia Vellacott wrote about the likely further loss of trees in the arboretum, (Protect Highbury Corner trees or we will have a dustbowl, April 20).

In all the 20 or more years of proposals for the roundabout, the council always stated its aim was to preserve the trees in this green oasis, but if the current proposals are implemented the number of trees will have been approximately halved since before work started on the new bridge.

Would Islington Council and TfL please reconsider?

Compton Terrace, N1


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