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Highbury Fields barbecues: What’s laughable about wanting fresh air?

06 October, 2017

‘Barbecue fumes make us ill’

• IT’S a shame that the debate around whether the council is right to allow barbecues always seems to invite insults from those who favour them.

Henri Pernod (Get rid of cars first, September 22) thinks it’s “laughable” that those living around the fields should be worried about air pollution from barbecues when, supposedly, they go around in their SUVs. He says we should get rid of our cars first.

Speaking as one of a large group of elderly people who live overlooking the fields – not one of the 30 residents owns a car – I would direct Mr Pernod to research by experts from King’s College who found that the level of some toxins on the fields when barbecues are operating is up to three times higher than that found on London’s busy trunk roads.

Many of the residents where I live suffer from respiratory problems – some very seriously. Non-drivers, we not only have to cope daily with inescapable air pollution, but we now have to endure the additional cross of barbecue pollution.

Once we could find respite on the green oasis that was Highbury Fields, but now this is barred to us by fogs of barbecue smoke.

We object to all traffic pollution, just as we object to all the cars transporting people and barbecues to the fields. Is it really laughable that we want to escape onto the fields to breathe fresh air but can’t because barbecue fumes make us ill?



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