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Hit by a train, moggy Minka fights for life

Community helps with ‘astronomical’ vet bills after pet was found in an Underground tunnel

29 November, 2019 — By Nick Ferris

Sarah Page with Minka the cat at the vet hospital

A CAT reported missing six weeks ago is in a critical condition after being found in a London Underground tunnel near her home.

Minka, nine, was hit by a train near Arsenal tube station before she was found by a railway patrolman. He called the RSPCA, who placed her in their Harmsworth Veterinary Hospital. She was then transferred to the Royal Veterinary College Hospital in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, where she remains.

She was found with a fracture to the head, kidney failure and a broken back leg.

Minka’s owner Sarah Page was contacted after the Tribune ran an appeal to find the missing moggy.

She said: “They thought she wouldn’t make the first night – but she pulled through.

“This all happened a week ago. But it’s still touch and go – this morning she nearly passed away again.”

Ms Page said that she had lived in the area for five years and Minka had never been anywhere near the tube.

“We have no idea what happened or how she got there – some people think she might have fallen down a pothole,” she added. “Others say she must have been picked up but then ran away – she’s a pure breed, you see.”

Ms Page has set up a Twitter page for her cat.

She said: “I get messages about her every day. Minka has touched hearts. People are saying that with so many things going on, what with Brexit and all, Minka has been a glimmer of hope for people everywhere.”

Ms Page is particularly grateful for the “brilliant” Islington community who are now assisting with Minka’s “astronomical” vet fees. In six days, Minka’s GoFundMe page has raised more than £5,000.

“I keep asking if we are doing the right thing ethically, keeping her alive,” she said. “But they say that I am. She keeps perking up again.

“You know, some people say, what are you doing, it’s just a cat. But when you have a cat like Minka they are part of the family.”


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