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Holloway Road Waitrose security guard helps catch man who stabbed mum in front of sleeping son

Ismail Musa was jailed for almost five years after pleading guilty to GBH

22 September, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Victor Ikeakhe guards the Holloway Road Waitrose

A SECURITY guard has been hailed as an inspiration by a husband whose wife was stabbed in Holloway after he helped police apprehend the suspect.

Victor Ikeakhe, who guards the Holloway Road Waitrose, noticed Ismail Musa rushing through the store on June 7.

Moments before, the 26-year-old had knifed mother of three Christel Stainfield-Bruce in a “targeted” attack while her sleeping son lay in the pram next to her in Caedmon Road near the Emirates stadium, Blackfriars Crown Court heard last week.

Christel-Stainfield Bruce and her son 

The police then approached Mr Ikeakhe to view CCTV from which he was able to identify Mr Musa because he had allegedly caught the Tollington Road resident shop-lifting before.

Speaking to the Tribune on Wednesday, days after Mr Musa was jailed for almost five years for grievous bodily harm9(GBH), Mr Ikeakhe said: “Every day you hear about people being stabbed or robbed, they are being oppressed. I feel that is not right. The police didn’t tell me they were investigating a stabbing, but the next day Quinn (Ms Stainfield-Bruce’s husband) came in. I know him, I know his wife and kids, they come here.”

He added: “A few weeks ago, I saw a student walking down Holloway Road and I was on the other side of the road. These two boys on a bicycle who robbed him. I could have jumped in, but I didn’t.

“He said ‘oh god, help me.’ That feeling stayed with me for days because I could have jumped in.”

Ismail Musa

Initially, Ms Stainfield-Bruce had identified her attacker as being around 14 years old. Mr Ikeakhe was able to inform the police that Mr Musa was in his mid-20s.

“I think that changed the investigation,” he said. “They had been looking for a child before.”

Mr Ikeakhe, 46, “stood on guard” for two days after this and tipped the police off twice in 48 hours before they were able to arrest him in the street.

As the Tribune previously reported, Mr Musa had a history of targeting “vulnerable” women the
court heard.

Ms Stainfield-Bruce’s husband Quinn said: “We are eternally grateful that there was someone in the community who felt it was their duty to do what they could to help and not to stand idly by and turn the page.

“This is a guy who thought, this is my community and people I see every day and I am going to try and help them, when so many people will just bury their head in the sand when they see something like this.”

Mr Stainfield-Bruce added: “I feel he is an inspiration, without him there could have been another attack.”

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