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Hordes of cyclists come at great speed and they don’t care about any of us

03 August, 2018

• AS a resident of Great Percy Street for some 35 years I object to people outside our area telling us what is good for neighbouring Amwell Street, (Quietway an opportunity, not a threat, July 27).

Even if it is true that many of us do not own cars, we still have relatives and friends who visit and deliveries to think of.

The only time I feel insecure in Amwell Street is when hordes of cyclists come across Penton­ville Road first thing in the morning and return in the evening. They come at great speed and they don’t care about any of us.

They are simply using the road as a thoroughfare for four hours out of 24. They are absent throughout most of the day and evening.

Why should their views be more important than those of us who live here and depend on vehicular access to the street to go about our business throughout a 24-hour period?

I and many others are too old to use bicycles. We do not over-use our car, but it is an essential part of our life.



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