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Housing association has acted against residents’ wishes

12 July, 2019

• BARNSBURY Housing Association’s award-winning Morland Mews in Islington has been home to its many residents for more than 50 years.

It has been a wonderfully inspiring place to live and an ideal sheltered corner to bring up children in a busy borough. An infectious community spirit abounds. More helpful neighbours one couldn’t wish for.

The Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (TRA) of the housing association is totally in agreement with Theresa May about the inhumane practice of turning their garages into the rabbit hutch-style habitation.

The latest proposed new development requires tenants to empty their garages of all vehicles to allow a warren of preposterously undersized rooms to be constructed in Morland Mews.

Existing flats above would need to be vacated for months as the proposed adjustments leave heavy, loadbearing, brickwork in an extremely dangerous condition. A once-quiet mews would become a building site.

We strongly feel that the housing association has acted in direct contravention of the majority of the Morland Mews estate residents’ wishes, and its own mandate.

It is a registered society, under the Co-op­erative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with charitable tax status. Its stated object is: “The association is formed for the benefit of the community.”

We feel that for this harmonious neigh­bourhood to be so forcefully demolished is little short of vandalism.

We hope that the long-term ramifications of forcing a high-density infill strategy on an already-densely populated estate are considered and that the wishes of the community are put before those who dispassionately make decisions that adversely affect our lives.

All the residents are up in arms in defiance of the prospect of being destined to becoming another potential overcrowded slum.



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