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How does a COVID-19 ‘case’ get confirmed?

20 March, 2020

• I HAVE been following the Tribune’s reporting on the pandemic. Thanks so much for providing such a great – and important – local view.

I was wondering about the numbers of cases currently being reported per region which, now as I write in Islington, I believe is at three.

How does a “case” get confirmed? Do they have to report to the hospital and be tested positive?

I live on St John Street and for two nights (Friday and Saturday) I had chills. At 3am I woke up drenched in sweat with a fever.

Right now I’m self-quarantining, mostly OK except for some aches and pains and no cough whatsoever, though chest feels tight.

I’m just wondering if the “three” figure is accurate, though, or if there might be quite a lot more and it’s worth pointing this out to people?



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