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How Islington is working to keep vulnerable residents safe

03 May, 2019

Janet Grace

• ISLINGTON Council is committed to maintaining the safety of all residents in council homes, including vulnerable people who may need help to evacuate their homes in the event of an emergency.

We have contacted Janet Grace to discuss how we can help her access the balcony in her flat more easily, (‘If there’s a fire I’d be trapped. It’s terrifying,’ April 26).

The council holds information about vulnerable residents in council homes, which in the event of a fire or emergency can be shared with London Fire Brigade (LFB).

This is a long-standing arrangement and we have shared this information with LFB during past emergencies to help protect vulnerable residents. We are currently working with LFB to strengthen the electronic information we hold about vulnerable residents.

We’re also going further to support firefighters in the event of an emergency by rolling out premises information boxes (PIBs) in Islington’s most complex social housing buildings.

They provide vital information in an emergency. Information about vulnerable residents will be included in new PIBs so firefighters on the scene can quickly get access to the information they need.

The council has been following all relevant guidance issued by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and the London Fire Brigade since the Grenfell tragedy.

We are actively staying abreast of any possible changes to the regulatory framework relating to fire safety, and work closely with other London boroughs and landlords to make sure we are following best practice. If anyone has any concerns about fire safety in council homes, please contact

You may also want to request a free fire safety check from the fire brigade for your home. Visit asp or call 0800 028 44 26.

Working alongside the London Fire Brigade, the council’s number one priority remains the safety of all residents in council homes.

Corporate director of housing, Islington Council


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