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How long before rationing starts if we crash out of EU?

06 July, 2018

• AS this week’s Tribune comes out, the cabinet will be meeting at Chequers. The meeting will discuss when to introduce rationing for food, fuel and medicines in 2019.

This will be necessary if we crash out of the EU without an agreement on the Irish border question and there is no transition period.

Actually, that was almost a bit of scaremongering. The cabinet will be meeting to finalise its ‘offer’ to the EU, including a plan to solve the Irish question.

The talks are supposed to be positive. The reality is somewhat different.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the toff and banker who is setting up shop in Dublin, has already tried to ‘blackmail’ the prime minister with Boris Johnson’s support. The Tory Party continues its fragmentation and there is talk of cabinet resignations.

Meanwhile, Whitehall and Brussels insiders have suggested that the startling new plan they are to discuss is no such thing and has already been rejected by Brussels.

Knowing this, our prime minister seems to think no one will notice if we just change the wording a bit. This is a tactic that has worked so well on two previous occasions and is bound to be a winner now, isn’t it?

But it looks as if this weekend at Chequers will probably give us a pretty firm idea of the government’s position and whether the EU will find it acceptable. Of course, the bitterly divided Tory Party also has to find it acceptable.

It doesn’t look good. The odds are still on crashing out of the EU and that would mean rationing for food, fuels and medicines. The only question is when?

It really is time that Labour challenged Theresa May on plans for rationing. She can either lie or confirm that there are plans. I think we need to know.

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