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How To Make The 3 Biggest Interior Trends Of 2017 Work For Your Home

19 April, 2017

Is your home in desperate need of a new lease of life?

It’s a common feeling. In fact, about

half of us reckon  that our homes are in need of a spot of redecoration.

But what look should you go for?

The internet is awash with ‘humblebrag’ style pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of impossibly beautiful people and their impossibly beautiful homes and it can be intimidating. But it needn’t be.

You can take the biggest interior design trends of the moment and find a way to embrace them within your own home. Don’t believe us?
Here’s how to go about it:

Looking mean in green

The Pantone Color Institute has picked ‘greenery’ as its colour of the year for 2017 and it has proven a popular choice. In making the announcement, Pantone said that this tapped into our desire to get in touch with Mother Nature and the wonders of the great outdoors.

It’s a great starting point, therefore, for a makeover that fits the mood in 2017.
This can involve anything from simply getting a patterned throw or set of cushions to painting one or more of your walls in the colour for a fresh living room look.

Don’t underestimate the power of curtains either. Once drawn for the evening they play a massive part in creating the look and colour scheme you want to create.
A pair in the right shade of green will set you well on the way to a 2017 look. It’s not all about paint and accessories either.
Use plants on the sideboard or by the fireplace to complete your theme.

Denim drift

Ok, not everyone agrees with the guys at Pantone. Dulux has picked its own colour of the year for 2017, opting for denim drift. Technically a 10-colour palette, this is intended to fuel the creativity of designers, allowing them to reach for pastels, navies and all shades of blue.
It all means that you can use this palette for a light airy bedroom and a fun and energetic lounge – and embrace the theme wholeheartedly throughout the home.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux, said: “The whole collection has been designed to be used in combination across different elements of an interior from the walls to the furniture, furnishings and accessories. “You can turn the visual impact up with the brighter blues and down with the muted blues to suit the style and personality of a room and can be sure that none of them will ever look out of place.”

For further inspiration, Dulux has even created four trends New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home and Considered Luxury – to accompany its colour palette.

Colour to lift the mood

Let’s be honest, 2016 was a bit grim, wasn’t it? Leaving politics aside (it’s probably for the best) the world just seemed a dangerous place – and one in which our heroes were taken from us one by one.

With that in mind, interior design and the use of bold, bright colours can help to lift.
One popular way of adding a splash of colour to your home in 2017 is through rich jewel tones.

Writing for The Lux Pad, Anne Payetta explained: “I’ve been slowly seeing it over the past several months with Bohemian style. These jewel tones will go hand in hand with the soft pastel colors.
Vibrant greens, purples and ruby reds mixed with soft pinks and blues. A mixture of romance and Bohemian.”

But if this palette doesn’t suit your tastes than you can instead be bolder and go for a bright, brave fun colour scheme. For Gemma Gear, who also spoke to The LuxPad, colour should help to deliver a look that is as bold as possible.
She said: “2017 is a year for the bold. Go bold or go home, or, bring bold in to your home.

Liven up minimalistic living spaces with some ‘out there’ statement pieces. Whether it be large geometric prints, tapestry tiles or anything botanical.

Maybe not all together though… Now that would be BOLD.”


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