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Hundreds march down Islington streets calling for second Brexit referendum

"So much has changed since the vote almost three years ago when so many false promises were made."

14 January, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

From left to right: Teddy O’Connor, Ines Geraldes Cardoso, Eleanor Frere and Stefan Conway

HUNDREDS of residents took to the streets to call for a second Brexit referendum over the weekend.

About 200 people set off from Archway station and walked down Holloway road, while another group started from Farringdon station and marched up Upper Street.

Both groups met in Highbury fields on Saturday January 12.

Clerkenwell resident Nick Turton, chairman of Islington In Europe, said: “The turnout today is bigger than we have ever had.

“I think this means sentiment is getting stronger amongst the people in Islington about what is ahead and the worries that they have got.

Luisa Fulci and Nick Turton who led the two marching groups through Islington

“So much has changed since the vote almost three years ago when so many false promises were made. It’s only right that people get to vote now on the deal that has been negotiated.”

Ines Geraldes Cardoso, 28, of lower Holloway, said: “I am originally from Portugal but I have lived in the UK for 10 years and it is my home.

“I am so disappointed at the situation and the way it is going and I think that this is an opportunity to show the government how we feel.”

Eleanor Frere, 28, said: “Having seen what has happened in the past two years, people are now more informed and they should be given the opportunity to vote again.

Hundreds meet on Highbury Fields to call for second referendum

“I know some people who voted leave and they have now changed their mind after watching the last two years in shock.”

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