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I ask Labour to restore women’s pensions at age 60

04 October, 2019

• HOW I enjoy reading the Tribune – it’s great that we Islington residents have a place to air our views. Long may you publish your great paper!

It’s likely the awful Tory party would increase the pension age to 75. Work until you drop dead! I’m urging Labour to reverse the pension age for women back to 60.

It is grossly unfair on older women particularly as, historically, we have not had equal pay or opportunities. Many of use have no private pension.

As an older woman from a mixed race background, my life-chances and work opportunities haven’t been the same as a more privileged white, middle-class, woman.

I have multiple physical and mental health conditions which mean I’m on benefits. I will reach 60 in 2020 and was hoping to get my state pension, which I’ve paid into all my life, hard-earned and deserved.

Now it has been taken away from me and I will have to wait until I’m 66 and a half. I may be dead by then. (Many of my female friends died in their 50s and early 60s.)

Having lived in poverty for a great deal of my life, and with no family around me, no partner or savings, my outlook for the future is grim.

Labour must ensure older women who are ill and in poor health be allowed to have our state pension at 60, or have a policy in place to assist us when we reach 60.

Continuous assessments by the Department for Work and Pensions has actually exacerbated many of my physical and mental health conditions. Instead of forcing older women to work until they die, give the jobs to the young – they need the work.



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