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I live in constant fear after being flooded seven times in 10 years

16 March, 2018

• I SYMPATHISE and identify with the letter writer whose room and cellar were flooded, (I was a lucky one, I just had my room and cellar flooded, March 9).

I have been flooded seven times in 10 years in this Peabody flat – only my bedroom and small hallway have been untouched. I live in constant fear. After the last flooding, for seven-and-a-half weeks no one came from Peabody to talk to us or gain entry to a suspect flat.

Eventually, we had re-painting done – six hours’ work – and my son had to remove all the shelving. Moving everything in and out took two days.

I got nowhere by sending letters and photographs – not returned – until I had a letter in the Tribune which I sent to the new chief executive. I was then visited by a customer relations official, and a surveyor as I had requested.

For a while I was hopeful. I had asked for an investigation but was greatly let down. They offered me a £50 goodwill payment, but it’s the disruption to one’s life they don’t appreciate. It has taken all my time and energy since last May and I’m sure it’s worse for this Circle Housing tenant.

I have sought help from my doctor and a lot of organisations, the only helpful one being Help on Your Doorstep, which is wonderful. The two legal advice workers I saw couldn’t have been less helpful. They told me housing associations had a responsibility to redecorate only and not to investigate. I find this unbelievable.

I did have insurance and got money for my carpeting and cushion fabric but this can never make up for the work involved, disruption to one’s life and the fear one lives in that it will happen again.




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