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I remember ‘Rooms to let. No blacks or Irish’ notices

05 April, 2019

• COUNCILLOR Troy Gallagher comments on the enormous contribution by the Irish in Islington over decades, (Irish legacy shows positive effect immigration has had, March 22).

I would agree and I too remember notices on shop windows, “Rooms to let. No blacks or Irish”, which was very upsetting, especially for my father, a World War II veteran who worked for London Transport.

As a Paddington child, I witnessed the Notting Hill Gate riots when lorry loads of whites attacked black families going about their business.

Cllr Gallagher wrote: “Irish people should attack racism in whatever form.” However, Wilson John Haire, on the same page, claims there is a form of McCarthyism which has anti-semites under the bed, much in the manner of “reds under the bed” of old, (Anti-Semitism has been let off the leash, March 22).

Derek Hatton was recently suspended by the Labour Party for allegedly commenting that the British Jewish community should be more condemning of the Israeli government’s policy towards Gaza.

I can remember the British Establishment/media condemning the Catholic church for not criticising the IRA enough at the time of the bombing campaign. The IRA has never been a Catholic organisation.

The Official IRA (“Stickies”) claimed to be Marxist Leninist and the founder member of the Society of United Irishmen, precursor of the Irish Republican Army, was Wolfe Tone, a Protestant.

Controversial journalist Melanie Phillips, has stated in her Times column that the term Islamophobic closes down debate. The same could be said of being called an anti-semite. There does seem to be a case here of double standards?

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