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I salute angel who helped homeless man escape streets

16 June, 2017

Tim Wright, who hopes to move from the streets to his own home

• IT is good that there are angels out there, but we don’t always recognise them.

Highbury woman Susan Kurr is one for helping homeless man Tim Wright find a home – and, yes, he is quite handsome and good-humoured (At last, Tim’s in line for a home of his own, June 9).

He used to have a pitch at the Nag’s Head Market in Holloway Road on Saturdays and Sundays, but not for a long time.

I have never understood why men – and some women – like him do not qualify for social housing and often no social welfare either. These people are mostly invisible but, thanks to people like Ms Kurr, people like Mr Wright will no longer be invisible.

I have been trying to highlight this issue for nearly 50 years since I came from Ireland and saw young homeless men in Camden Town. So far, all my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. This is happening in Ireland as well.

There are no so-called celebrities shouting from the hilltops for people like Tim Wright.



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