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I shed a tear over Rachel’s kindness to rough sleepers

26 April, 2019

Rachel Woolf offers rough sleepers storage space in a ‘compassionate initiative’

• IT can’t be easy, when our nation is drowning in the endless verbosity of Brexit and the misdemeanours of America’s dodgy president, to inform, entertain and engage the citizens of Islington with issues other than many that may seem relatively trivial to those of us not involved in specific local incidents.

But sometimes a story of such poignancy as the one that Calum Fraser has just told us can’t fail to move people’s hearts and minds, as it has just done for me, (Charity offers rough sleepers storage, April 19). Thank you for publishing it.

Rachel Woolf’s initiative of offering rough sleepers storage is one of such kindness and compassion that, as well as a tear or two, it also provokes rage that our nation’s government can tolerate the extent of the poverty that anyone with even the most rudimentary sensitivity must feel when they walk our streets.

The massive distraction of Brexit and the absurdly egotistical and dangerous self-serving ambitions of Brexiters like Nigel Farage are shameful. My parents always used the phrase “First things first”. I disagree with the Brexit idea.

Interdependence is vital if we’re to mitigate climate change and stop the global pollution that threatens our very existence. But it’s surely clear to any sane human being that ending the poverty that we can all see on our city streets must come first.

We need thousands of compassionate initiatives like Rachel’s and we need to introduce kindness and compassion as driving forces in how we focus our politics on taking care of us and our planet, before we need the excessive and expensive (many billions), ill-conceived distractions of delusional nightmares like Brexit.

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